Sunflower seed

We sell sunflower seed all around Europe to our partners. If you need good quality sunflower seeds from a reliable supplier, do not hesitate to contact us!

We are a family owned business located in the East of Hungary, where the land is fat and the sun shines wildly to help sunflower to grow. We handle the best quality black and striped sunflower seeds around – buy, sort, clean, dry, roast, pack and deliver them to our customers all around Europe. Since 1994, we became a reliable partner for many vendors, human and pet food producers in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Romania, and Great-Britain.

We would like to broaden our customer base. If you are interested in buying sunflower seeds in any format, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Owner – Pal Beregszaszi
  • Mobil +36 30 364 0 364 (cell phone number of interpreter)
  • E-mail – info {@}
  • Address – 4244 Újfehértó, Hungary, Ady Endre 34.

Do you need a quote?

If you would like to get a quote, please let us know the following in your email:

– what is the quality of the seeds you need (type of seed like black or striped, size of seeds, purity, moisture, etc)
– do you need them roasted, unroasted, salted or unsalted?
– what is the purpose you need it for? (oil production, bakery, roasting, etc)
– what is the quantity you need?
– how often would you like to buy from Mr Beregszaszi?
– what kind of packaging do you need (bulk, bigbag, 200 gr packages, etc)?
– who would provide the packaging material and/or design? Do you need to put the packages into bigger boxes or sacks? Who would provide those?
– what would be your payment terms?
– his company works solely with EXW parity so you have to take care about delivery.

Sunflower packing

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower roasting

Sunflower packaging